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Filming on Location

16 March 2020
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Aerial Camera Systems supply and operate specialist camera equipment to capture international events and shoots from around the world. Filming on location is always exciting but it can prove challenging too.

Filming on Location

Simply, location filming means that you are shooting in the actual setting the story takes places rather than in a studio. The location could be interior or exterior and some filming may be based in the location the story is set, or it may stand in for a different locale.

Weather When Filming On Location

Weather is a major factor that can be a challenge when filming on location because – as we know – weather can be unpredictable. Trying to film outside can be affected by this, in that it will often be required to await the correct weather conditions for your production or filming cannot continue.

Noise When Filming On Location

Shooting on location could be interfered by unwanted surrounding noise, such as aircraft, traffic, people, animals or wind. When filming in a studio a soundstage is used – a soundstage is a soundproof building or room so that sound can be recorded along with the images. However, on location this isn’t possible. It may be necessary to delay or change filming to avoid the noise.


A perk of filming on location is that it can be cost-effective as there will be minimal set design and construction overheads. However, this will also depend on where the production is being filmed because if the chosen location is in a remote area it could cause other hindrances to the project. It can be expensive to take a whole crew to a remote location and this may also incur additional costs with regards to accommodation and hospitality for all crew to last as long as filming takes. This could potentially use a large sum of the production budget.

Availability of Filming Locations

Availability can be a problem for shooting on location. This is because the space is only available at the owner’s convenience. This can put pressure on a project to be finished if they are running out of time, or else they would then have to find a different location which could delay filming.


Finding a location to film can be difficult depending on the owner and government regulations related to the chosen area. For example: the owner may need to be convinced that hosting a production would be beneficial before they sign off and give permission for the filming to take place. Another point to consider is that the chosen location of filming must not interfere with any government regulations. If it does, then discussions would need to take place in advance to ensure that guidelines are agreed so filming can begin in line with the necessary timescale. None of these issues would be a problem for filming on a soundstage as regulations are already set in place with the venue upon opening.

Aerial Camera Systems Filming On Location

Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is widely recognised as world leader in the provision of specialist camera systems as well as aerial filming in the UK and around the world. From the South East Asian Games to horse racing at Ascot and Goodwood, our specialist team has covered a plethora of sporting events in addition to blockbuster movies, music concerts and state ceremonies.

Aerial Camera Systems has a unique inventory of facilities available for location filming which includes high performance compact robotic heads to minicams, stabilised mounts, aerial drones, railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles, aerial filming coordination services and the unique sponsor funded EyeFlyer blimp.

To find out more about Aerial Camera Systems can help with filming on location, or how we can assist with your next production, then please visit our website or get in touch.