The new RF Pico Move is a body mounted Polecam fitted with the highly acclaimed Antelope Pico HFR minicam system (up to 350 fps @ 1080p). The camera CCU, RF Video/Data Systems and batteries are all neatly contained and act as the counterweight. The Polecam system itself uses carbon fibre tubes that slot together to create a reach from 1 metre to 2.2 metres and is fitted with a remote controlled pan/tilt head, creating a simple camera jib.

The RF Pico Move includes a customised RF system incorporating a dual video link for continuous live and replay channels. There are also data paths for camera control and VT functions on the Pico camera for seamless OB integration.

RF Pico Move allows the operator to freely move around an event venue to follow the action as the drama unfolds; in crowd, on stage, on pitch.

The system is silent in operation and is able to get into tight spots where a traditional camera rig may be problematic. Combined with the high frame rate capability of the camera, RF Pico Move is able to provide unique shots to captivate the live broadcast audience.