Exclusive to ACS, the SMARThead™ is a highly versatile compact remote head created to provide a comprehensive solution for high end remote camera applications.

Designed and developed by ACS’ in-house engineering team, the concept of SMARThead™ focuses on key elements that are a major advantage, if not essential in today’s live production environment. SMARThead™ is quick to install, with a wide range of mount hardware available, it is highly configurable and features a range of diverse control functions such as a shot box and multi-camera operation for different applications.

SMARThead™ is offered as a camera integrated system incorporating ‘chain style’ components with choices of camera/lens type dependent on production criteria.

Adding to the SMARThead™ family is SMARTgrip™, giving an extra dimension of movement to the remote head.

SMARTgrip™ consists of a SMARThead™ system fitted with a balanced carbon fibre arm and mini robotic head with Antelope PICO mini camera to provide a smooth, jib like fully remote controlled camera movement within a small footprint.