Unique to ACS, our large inventory of in house designed and built tracks range from high speed systems configurable up to 170m in length to lightweight rigs up to 30m.

Our high speed straight tracks are compact with a low profile and can be rigged either on a flat surface or following ground contours or slope. They have fast acceleration (4m/s/s) and are capable of speeds up to 14 metres per second with dynamic speed and acceleration adjustments. A high specification belt drive and control system provide accurate positioning and repeatable move options as well being extremely safe in operation.

Our rail systems have the versatility to carry open stabilised mounts such as the Libra head and STAB-C Compact or the HD Cineflex V14 housing the Sony 1500 camera thereby providing production teams with a choice of camera formats to fit their needs. In addition the camera buggy is capable of carrying two camera mounts side by side, allowing for simultaneous wide/tight coverage or high speed replay/live camera options.

ACS also pioneered the athletics curved railcam to provide a unique perspective of the runners as they race around the bend of the track as well as the Linear Drive 260m J curve rail camera system providing stunning live images of Winter Olympic speed skating action.

Where smaller railcam footprints are required, the MG2, combined with our ACS SMARThead™ remote head system provides the perfect solution. Available in sections of 2.4m up to 30m in length, the system is quick to rig and ideal for events where space and audience sight lines are at a premium. 

All tracks are provided with a full team of award-winning specialist technicians and operators to oversee the installation and operation in the field.

Features include:
  • Rigged either on flat surface or following ground contours / slopes
  • Fast acceleration (4m/s/s)
  • Capable of speeds up to 14 metres per second
  • Dynamic speed and acceleration adjustments


With Libra Head and Phantom High speed camera


ACS SMARThead™ remote head and Sony P1 camera

Our flown track systems can be used in a wide range of applications. Suspended horizontally or angled, they run up to 125m in length with a top speed capability of 12.5m/second. The in-house designed integrated cable management system negates the need for RF and provides a robust hard cable link.

Whether shooting film or HD, ACS tracks have the versatility to carry open stabilised mounts such as the Libra head and STAB C Compact or the HD Cineflex V14 housing the Sony 1500 camera.

ACS flown tracks are fitted to standard lighting box truss for ease of installation with chains and hoists and are provided with a full team of specialist technicians and operators.

Features include:
  • Suspend horizontally or angled
  • Up to 125m in length
  • Top speed of 12.5m per second
  • In-house integrated cable management system negates need for RF


With HD Cineflex V14

The ACS mini vertical track, designed and developed in-house originally for the live coverage of athletics field events, is available in a 4m or 7m length and comes fitted as standard with an ACS SMARThead™ remote head and Sony HD 2/3” camera for seamless OB integration.

The system can be installed and operated in a free standing configuration or alternatively against a suitable vertical structure. The advanced control features give the single operator full dynamic control over position, speed and acceleration. The combination of the ACS mini vertical track and SMARThead™ remote head facilitates extremely smooth live on air tracking shots emulating ‘jib like’ movement in a reduced footprint, making it ideal for use in a range of live sport, concert and entertainment applications.

Our most recent development is the hanging vertical track, rigged to truss the system is ideal where floor space is limited and a base is not possible.

Features include:
  • ACS SMARTHead™ with 2/3" camera and Fujinon HA13x lens (other options available on request)
  • 4m Track: 2.5m x 1.4m footprint or;
  • 7m Track: 3.1m x 1.65m if base stand used
  • 16 Amp single phase power


Integrates with ACS SMARThead™ remote head


7m Track at Queens

CAMCAT is an advanced, fully remote controlled cable camera system designed to run between two fixed points.

Providing unique and stunning images from an otherwise unobtainable perspective the CAMCAT can reach speeds of up to 70km/hr over 1000m. The camera buggy can accept a wide range of payloads from open platform stabilised mounts fitted with film cameras to HD stabilised mounts with integrated camera and lens. The latest RF technology is utilised for picture transmission, camera and head control data to and from the camera buggy and the onboard battery power provides seamless operations for a typical period of two hours. 

As with any system of this nature, safety factors have been prioritised at all stages of the system development with the utilisation of comprehensive electronic and software safety measures as well as the provision of two independent guide ropes made of advanced Spectra/Dyneema material. This has ensured full safety certification for the installation and operation of CAMCAT from the German based TUV Health and Safety Group, one of the strictest industrial safety authorities in the world.

Developed by CamCat-Systems GmbH and operated in cooperation with ACS.