The ACS fleet of 4x4 Tracking Vehicles have been selected for operation in a range of adverse terrains and are specially customised in house to carry stabilised camera and broadcast RF systems. Primarily configured for use in the coverage of horseracing, they are an essential camera angle in the broadcast of the sport, providing dynamic coverage of the live racing as it unfolds to the viewers at home.

The vehicles are able to carry up to two stabilised camera mounts and operators with onboard power and specially fitted seating and racks installed to ensure reliable operation. The ACS Tracking Vehicles can also be used in other sports event coverage such as rowing, marathons etc. as well as for live events, commercials and documentaries


ACS Tracking Vehicle


Two mount rig

A new way to move the camera, KartCAM is a remote controlled battery powered camera buggy fitted with Movihead and broadcast or digital film camera to provide unique and dynamic low tracking camera angles. KartCAM moves smoothly, even in the most demanding of environments, taking the camera into areas where it may not be otherwise possible for an operator to go.

Taking the development made from the KartCAM, BoatCAM is similar in its functions. A compact, remotely controlled water based tracking system that's fitted with a Movi stabilised head, it allows for stable and dynamic low camera angels and close up shots of life on or from the water.