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The Papal Visit 2010

01 May 2013

“We wouldn’t have achieved so much without your professionalism and care for your clients, for which I am extremely grateful.  Your whole operation was a vital part of the ‘pool’ output and the results of your work were spectacular.” Sky News

ACS played a major part in the live coverage of the Pope’s recent visit to the UK. Our tracking vehicle fitted with two HD Gyron stabilised mounts drove at the front of the Pope’s motorcade gaining full coverage of the Popemobile and the crowds that had come to see him. Our remote head operators and technicians were busy at Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and Cofton Park in Birmingham where our new compact remote head, the SMARThead was used in a range of configurations around the venues. An ideal, discreet camera solution the SMARThead was perfect for the coverage in each of these venues where space was limited and where size could affect audience viewing angles.

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