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ACS welcomes Telegenic to the Euro Media Group

11 March 2019
Aerial Camera, Telegenic,Euro Media Group

Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is part of the Euro Media Group (EMG) which has announced the acquisition of Telegenic, a major player in the UK and European Outside broadcasting Market.

This acquisition is part of the EMG’s strategy to grow its business in the UK and Europe, as well as to expand its range of production capacities and services thus enabling the Group to better cover major events at a global level. EMG will rely on the experience and expertise of the current Telegenic management team to continue developing the business with the support of the Group.

Patrick van den Berg, co-CEO of EMG, said: “We are excited to welcome Telegenic and its very talented and respected team into the Euro Media Group This acquisition fully fits within our international growth strategy, and particularly our ambition to consolidate our position in markets with strong potential. It also showcases our ability to attract successful companies into the Group as we look to grow our business. Our aim is to continue expanding in Europe and beyond through both autonomous growth and acquisitions while Telegenic’s US activity will allow EMG to further extend its international presence.”

Peter Bates and Terry James, Telegenic's key shareholders and senior management, said: “This is an exciting opportunity that will unlock the potential we have as a company to explore emerging technologies as the industry transitions to a new way of working. For over 20 years Telegenic have been synonymous with significant technology milestones, offering market leading innovation delivered by a highly talented and motivated team. By becoming part of EMG we can continue to build on the reputation we have for delivering excellence, operating alongside companies that share our passion, values and ambition.”

The Future Looks Bright

Euro Media Group (EMG) has reinforced its UK and European Outside broadcast activities with the acquisition of Telegenic. EMG offers its customers unrivalled services to enrich and manage high value-added content and to provide viewers and internet users an ever richer and more exciting experience. Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is delighted to welcome Telegenic to the Euro Media Group.