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Emerging Drone Technologies

21 February 2018
Matt Coyde, ACS, drone, camera innovation

The fast paced changes in technology over the years has seen Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) design and deliver some ground breaking specialist camera equipment to the film and television industries. Recently, Matt Coyde, Sales Director at ACS, spoke to Sports Video Group Europe (SVG) about some of the challenges faced and the emerging drone technologies.

Aerial Camera Systems

Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) pride ourselves on our large inventory of filming equipment, built up over nearly forty year’s experience in the field. In addition, our expert teams are able to design and build our own filming equipment if there is a specialist requirement or new development that we can help our clients with.

In a recent interview with Sports Video Group (SVG) Matt Coyde discussed the challenges of technology moving ahead, and our very special Inspire 2 drone.

Inspire 2 Drone

SVG asked Matt Coyde about our recently introduced Inspire 2 drone.  Matt outlined that the extremely reliable Inspire 2 drone was introduced after much research into the UAV technology to ensure that our offering was at the forefront of filming formats, performance and safety. The Inspire 2 drone is lightweight and easily transportable, it can travel from 0 to 50mph in just 5 seconds, has a maximum flight speed of 58mph (94kph), can fly up to 120m in height and comfortably operate up to a maximum 500m distance from the pilot.

The ACS Aerial Unit team also holds a PfCO (Permit for Commercial Operations) from the Civil Aviation Authority which enables them to react quickly and fly at short notice for a shoot.
More information about our Inspire 2 Drone can be found on our website.

Emerging Technologies

Further in the interview, Matt goes on to outline ACS’ biggest challenges for 2018; the increase in remote production, the progress of IP technology, his take on the future of HDR and the huge role of ACS as the exclusive specialist camera provider for the World Athletics Championships 2017. If you would like to read the full interview it can be found on the SVG site.


In the SVG interview, Matt had the opportunity to talk about some of ACS’s camera innovations, including the unique SMARTgrip™. The SMARTgrip™ is a compact robotic camera system which adds an extra dimension of movement to our widely acclaimed SMARThead™ product series. It’s generated a lot of interest so far and we’re really excited about the possibilities for this new piece of kit.

ACS continues to develop camera innovations and filming techniques to help our clients deliver the best possible results. To have a look at some of our work please see our showreel, visit our website to browse some of our camera inventory (including the Inspire 2 drone), or get in touch to discuss your filming project.