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20 November 2019
SMARThead, specialist camera UHD, filming
At Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) our passion for what we do comes from our drive to defy expectations whilst striving for excellence within our innovative camera solutions and specialist crew.  We invest in innovation - our in-house research and development team continues to develop and launch new concepts and products, the latest being the SMARThead™ remote head which now takes the Sony HDC P50 camera.  The ACS team have developed a new UHD fibre transmission system to support the P50. 

The Aerial Camera Systems’ SMARThead™ 

Designed, developed and supplied by Aerial Camera Systems, the exclusive SMARThead™ is a highly versatile compact remote head created to provide a comprehensive solution for high end remote camera applications. 

SMARThead™ was created to provide a comprehensive solution for high end remote camera applications. The SMARThead™ is a unique remote head solution optimised for multi-camera remote use.  It is fast to rig, it features diverse control functions and is highly configurable for different applications.  
SMARThead™ is offered as a camera integrated system incorporating ‘chain style’ components with choices of camera/lens type dependent on production criteria. The SMARThead™ has most recently been used for the Royal Wedding of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Wimbledon Championships, the World Athletics Championships in Doha and Britain’s Got Talent. 

ACS SMARThead™ features

The SMARThead™ features include:  
  • Single operator and shared multi-camera control capability  
  • Programmable shot box for repeat moves and positions  
  • Microprocessor controlled direct drive motors ensure excellent control performance  
  • Single SMPTE fibre cable per camera for video/power and control with additional options such as audio transmission and return video  
  • Highly configurable production rack housing base stations, routers and power with various outputs available  
  • Utilises standard camera remote control panels (RCP).

For your next filming project, do you want the quality on film that looks as sharp, crisp, detailed, immersive and beautiful as the world around you?  If so, get in touch or visit our website to find out more about the unique Aerial Camera Systems SMARThead™. It’s ideal for theatre and live performance, music events and sports coverage.  Aerial Camera Systems are the number one provider for specialist filming requirements.