The latest addition to the ACS Aerial Unit’s inventory of advanced stabilised mounts, the Shotover F1 provides production teams with significant flexibility of camera and lens type with over 120 combinations currently available.

Whether you wish to shoot HD, 4K live or with large lens sensor formats, the ACS Shotover F1 can be configured to the requirements of your shoot. In addition to aerial filming work, the Shotover F1 can be inverted for use on tracking vehicles, boats and cranes. A telemetry control system is also in development to facilitate remote operation, ideal for rail or wire system applications.

The Shotover F1 is supplied with an ACS heli kit (includes monitors, power distribution etc.) and AS350/355 AFSP1 helicopter nose mount bracket as standard. The mount is ITAR free so there are no international restrictions on where the system can be used.

Features include:
  • Over 120 camera & lens combinations including 6K, 4K, Super 35 and Hi-Definition video formats 6K
  • 6-axis gyro stabilised with look down capability
  • Compact carbon fibre construction allowing shipping via excess baggage
  • Auto or steerable horizon with the most advanced steering capabilities on the market
  • Customisable graphics overlay for real time operator feedback
  • Fibre optic video data transfer for clean 3GHz imagery


The new Cineflex Ultra is one of the new additions to the ACS Aerial Unit, offering the option of up to 6K aerial filming.

The Cineflex Ultra system combines proven stability with best-in-industry professional broadcast and digital cinematography lenses to provide exceptional range performance and unmatched clarity in the Cineflex Ultra.

Fitted with the Red Dragon, the Ultra is light and compact, making it ideal for aerial filming.

Features include:
  • 6K, 4K, Super 35 and Hi-Definition video formats
  • 5-axis gimbal assembly for unmatched stability
  • Reliable operation in the harshest of environments
  • On-screen display of lens information
  • Field-interchangeable lens options
  • Auxiliary power distribution system to support monitors and recorders
  • Compact size and weight


The HD Cineflex V14 is an ultra flexible, lightweight, high performance gyro-stabilised camera system. The system comes fitted with a Sony High Definition camera (Sony HDC-950 or HDC-1500) with various lens options available.

The system can be used as a helicopter camera mount, or rigged to airships, the ACS EyeFlyer as well as CAMCAT and our extensive inventory of Railcam systems.

Various recorder formats are available with the Cineflex mount along with HD video links and SMPTE/Triax cable CCU options for live outside broadcast applications.

An extremely flexible system, it can be inverted instantly and the lens changed in less than 30 minutes. Remote control is provided over fixed cabling, fibre and radio modems. Nose mount bracket options are available for AS350/AS355, 412/212 and Jet/Long Ranger helicopters.

HZC UG 444 customisable user gamma

Features include:
  • Sony HDC-950 & 1500 Cameras
  • Fujinon HA 42x9.7, Fujinon HA 22x7.8 Fujinon HA 13x 4.5 Lenses
  • Signal Format options; 1080 4:4:4 60i, 50i, 30PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF 1080 60P, 50P, 50i, 60i, 30PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF 720 60P, 50P




The HD Gyron 935+ is a state of the art gyro-stabilised high definition broadcast camera mount

Using Fibre Optic Gyros (FOGs) and direct drive motors, the HD Gyron 935+ requires little maintenance and has a stabilised steerable roll (+/- 45° of roll) producing stable images, even at the long end of the Fujinon HA 42x lens on the doubler.

A more robust stabilised mount, HD Gyron 935+ system complete with high definition broadcast camera and lens, can be mounted on helicopters and airships and is easily inverted for use on boats, cranes and tracking vehicles, making it a highly versatile mount.

Features include:
  • Fujinon HA36x 10.5 with built-in 2x extender HA 42x 9.7 with built in 2x extender lens options
  • Sony HDC 950 (HD-SDI 1080/50i, 60i, 30PsF, 25PsF, 24PsF) Hi-Definition camera (down conversion available to SD or other HD formats) camera options
  • Pan rotation (azimuth) 360° continuous
  • Tilt rotation (elevation) +45/-75°
  • Steerable roll rotation +/- 88° from horizontal



ACS now offer the latest in aerial drone technology, allowing for cost effective aerial shots using a range of camera payloads.

The Aerigon Unmanned Aerial System(drone) represents the cutting edge of broadcast drone technology. It is fitted with a heavy duty 3-Axis gimbal capable of lifting a range of digital camera/ lens payloads delivering stable, dynamic aerial imagery as well as providing production teams with a real cost effective alternative to large jibs and cable camera rigs on location.

Features include:
  • Sony 55 Camera
  • Tokina 11-16mm PL Mount W/A Lens
  • Option of Reference only license free wireless digital link for PSC work;
  • Or Cobham broadcast spec HD Link for live broadcast applications
  • Other camera payloads available on request
  • Crew of three; experienced pilot, aerial DOP and either a support tech/spotter or RF Engineer/Spotter

ACS’ longstanding history within the aerial filming world continues to grow and our dedicated in-house aerial unit co-ordinates and films aerial projects world-wide. The unit now offers the option of shooting up to 6K using our new Shotover F1.

ACS’ roots in aerial filming are founded in excellence thanks to ACS founder, Peter Allwork’s Oscar winning cinematography for the multi-award winning Out of Africa. Over thirty five years on, capability and capacity have increased to position ACS as worldwide leaders with the ability to manage large and small scale events with dedication, skill and a vast amount of knowledge. Our extensive experience includes projects of all shapes and sizes, from a two hour shoot over London to the co-ordination of over 300 hours flying time in six helicopters in two countries for Euro 2012 and all aerial coverage for the 2012 London Olympics, 2014 Sochi Olympics and the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Whether filming live coverage of sports events or filming with Disney in the Masai Mara, we’re specialists in the field.

Having conducted shoots in over 60 countries, our highly skilled operational team are acknowledged experts in their profession and our camera crew critically acclaimed, winning over 12 Primetime EMMYs and a BAFTA Craft award between them.

<p>Aerial unit</p>

Aerial work includes:

  • FIFA Women’s World Cup 2015
  • World Cup 2014
  • Tour of Dubai 2015
  • London Olympics 2012
  • Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race 2015
  • Africa - BBC
  • Red Bull X Fighters, Sydney Harbour
  • Nature’s Great Events - BBC
  • Disney’s ‘African Cats’
  • Top Gear - BBC