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Wimbledon Championships

We're back at Wimbledon this year with a new addition to our provision.  Positioned at the back of Henman Hill our track system is capturing shots of the crowds watching the day's action.  Other ACS specialist camera systems are on-site to deliver those ever important shots of the players from the ACS SMARThead rigged on the umpire's chair in Centre Court and No. 1 Court as well as the baseline track on Centre Court and aerials of the action below.


A busy weekend again

Our crews were out on the Thames at the weekend for the Boat Race, operating our stabilised mounts on the chase and umpire's boats as well as providing aerial coverage of Oxford's win.  Meanwhile....further north ACS crew were delivering specialist cameras and aerials for Channel 4's coverage of The Grand National


Another busy year...

ACS began 2013 delivering aerials of the New Year Firework celebration at the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and ended the year with the aerial unit supplying seven systems and crew for coverage of Dubai’s world record breaking Firework display to see in 2014.  Outside of the Olympics, this was our largest delivery of Cineflex systems for a single shoot!  Aside from this, over the course of the past twelve months, our aerial unit has been to some far reaching places as well as those a little closer to home.  Places visited include Brazil, Kenya, Norway, South Sudan, Russia, Ethiopia, Australia, Cancun, Istanbul, Abu Dhabi, Romania, Germany and France, not forgetting following the Moto GP series around the world.  Within the UK the aerial team delivered coverage of the World Triathlon Championships, The Grand National and the World Endurance Championships as well as shoots for television programmes and corporates.

Our largest project of the year was undertaken in Brazil providing aerial coverage of the Confederations Cup and there were other events where the team travelled long distances including filming from tracking vehicles in South Korea for the coverage of the World Rowing Championships and Camel Racing in Qatar.  The ACS EyeFlyer contributed to our aerial work, delivering shots from England’s victory in The Ashes in the UK, to the racing at Cheltenham and the Epsom Derby and followed F1 teams in Japan and Australia.

Our tracks department also had an eventful year, starting with ITV’s Dancing on Ice followed by the Six Nations, the Speed Skating Championships in Sochi and the yearly provision for athletics events around the country with the team re-visiting the Olympic Stadium for the London Anniversary Games.  Railcams were in high demand at the London Fashion Weeks and 2013 saw new systems provided for Burberry Menswear and Top Shop, along with the established provision for Burberry Womenswear.   The track team filmed  Muse at Horseguards Parade, supplied vertical tracks for the Chime for Change concert at Twickenham and were there for the last recording at BBC Television Centre.  Flown tracks were also used at a number of boxing matches around the country as well as a Royal Wedding in Abu Dhabi.  As they were busy developing, prepping and packing for next year’s large events the Autumn Internationals arrived with the crew delivering 100m 3D track for Sky Sports’ coverage of the games at Twickenham.  Finally, the year ended with the team delivering flown and vertical tracks for Sports Personality of the Year as well as 100m track for the South East Asian Games in Myanmar.

Whilst ACS tracks were keeping up with the year’s events our SMARTheads™ crew saw their fair share of high profile events in 2013 which involved a number of UK and international state occasions including Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation Service, Trooping the Colour, the Swedish Royal Wedding and the Coronation of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands.  Thanks to extensive long term planning they were ready to deliver SMARTheads™ at St Paul’s Cathedral for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral and completed the year contributing to the BBC’s Carols from Kings along with coverage of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services at Westminster Abbey.  Provision increased within the sporting world too, including jobs for the Ultimate Fighting Championships in Sweden and the UK and The British Open.  SMARTheads™ could also be found on BBC’s Springwatch, The Proms, The Voice, The Royal Variety Performance and concerts for Kings of Leon and Peter Gabriel to name a few.

In amongst all these highlights of 2013 ACS continued its annual coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, Roland Garros, Queens Tournament, Oxford v Cambridge Boat Race, the London Marathon, Dubai World Cup,  as well as the Champions League Final and over 250 football matches for BBC, BT Sport, ITV Sport and Sky Sports.  The team also began a new provision of facilities for Channel 4 racing following the appointment of IMG World to produce the programme, with over 80 racing days covered throughout the year.  This culminated in the world famous Aintree Grand National where ACS supplied two tracking vehicles, Superloupe™, SMARTheads™, minicams, aerial coverage and the CAMCAT system making a significant contribution to the broadcast content of the event.

Looking forward, 2014 is already looking like an even busier year with a number of large international projects confirmed as well as the contracted delivery at home.  We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients and suppliers for their support in 2013 and wish all a happy and prosperous 2014.


ACS debuts new Tracking Vehicle at Cheltenham Festival

Our new tracking vehicle provided coverage for Channel 4 at the Cheltenham Festival.  Six weeks in development this specially adapted Landrover Discovery is the latest addition to ACS’ fleet of tracking vehicles.

The vehicle can be fitted with an HD Cineflex V14 or HD Gyron Stabilised Mount (pictured here) as well as various open stabilised mounts allowing for 3D rigs or 4K cameras, all of which can be operated from racing seats configured within the back of the vehicle.

ACS has also taken delivery of a further operating vehicle adding to the company’s continual investment in providing clients with the very latest specialist camera systems. 


ACS Celebrates Queen's Diamond Jubilee

Following on from the successful coverage of commemorative services and events including last year’s Royal Wedding, ACS was chosen by BBC Events to help provide specialist camera facilities for the Jubilee with planning beginning late last year. Included within this delivery, ACS supplied and operated eight SMARThead™ remote head camera systems on board the Royal Barge at the Jubilee River Pageant.

The BBC Events production team conceived the idea at an early stage of providing extensive coverage on board the Royal Barge using solely remote cameras in preference to manned and PSC style cameras. As a result, eight ACS SMARThead™ remote pan and tilt heads were installed equipped with Ikegami HDL51 ‘brick style’ 2/3 HD broadcast quality cameras. Six were fitted with Canon HJ14 lenses and the remaining two with Canon HJ22s. The cameras offered shots of Her Majesty the Queen and the Royal Party on board as well as giving their POV of this unique flotilla.

Along with this provision on the Royal Barge ACS also supplied a further SMARThead™ with P1 camera channel rigged to Tower Bridge, offering a unique shot of the flotilla passing through. Travelling within the Pageant was an HD Gyron 935 Plus stabilised mount rigged and operated from one of the one thousand boats that took part, again offering a unique perspective of the flotilla as it made its way down the Thames.

Not far from this celebration other ACS crew supplied and operated three HD Cineflex V14 stabilised mounts rigged to hoists for coverage of the Concert at the Palace and the Royal Procession on the Tuesday, placed at Canada Gate, Hyde Park and The Mall. Our ACS Tracks department also operated a Railcam at the back of the stage for the concert.

The Tuesday saw a further ACS team supply five ACS SMARTheads™ for the coverage of the service at St Paul’s and other crew rigging these discreet remotes at The Palace of Westminster and Whitehall making a total of over twenty different ACS specialist cameras supplied to capture this historic event.

ACS Managing Director Phillip Becket commented: “2012 is turning into a year of exceptional large scale deliveries for ACS. Everyone from our specialist camera operators to our engineering department have worked tirelessly to deliver incredible results during a very busy time for the company and I for one am extremely proud of the team and what they’ve achieved on this project.”

For further information please contact Antonia at


ACS debuts 3D Flown Railcam

SKY Sports coverage of the Super League Grand Final from Old Trafford had a new rig this weekend in the form of a 3D flown railcam system. In previous years, ACS has successfully provided a 100m flown system for Sky Sports’ 2D coverage of the Grand Final using a HD Cineflex V14 stabilised camera mount to provide a unique and dynamic view of the action below. This year, Sky Sports upped the challenge by requesting ACS provide the same view but in 3D.

After further development and testing, ACS supplied a specially configured 3D gyro mount, comprising of a STAB-C Compact stabilised head mounted with an ET Pulsar rig in a side by side configuration and fitted with two Sony HDCP1 cameras and Canon HJ22 lenses.

An ACS Telecast Copperhead fibre transmission system fitted to the railcam camera buggy allowed all signals and control data to be routed back to the OB via a single SMPTE cable. The railcam operator and stabilised mount operator were positioned within the stand with a clear view of the pitch and the railcam itself, whilst full control from the convergence position in ACS’ dedicated 3D OB unit was carried out using a Sony MPE 200 3D processor to aid mechanical and optical alignment. Capable of moving at speeds up to 8m/second, not only did the track and mount play a significant part in Sky Sport’s 3D coverage of the game, it also featured heavily in the simultaneous 2D coverage of the event with a HD feed taken from the ‘left eye’ of the rig.

ACS has made a significant investment in the development and delivery of 3D specialist camera systems and has provided facilities for the 3D coverage of Horseracing, Rugby, Premiership football and live music events amongst others.

For further information please contact Antonia at


ACS provide aerial coverage of UEFA Euro 2012

ACS has delivered one of its largest aerial filming projects, providing all aerial coverage of the UEFA Euro 2012 tournament. Filming began late last year with our aerial unit filming pre-event aerials of all eight host cities for the tournament, completing this element of the project in April. Working across Poland and the Ukraine, ACS crew flew over 300 flying hours providing coverage of every match during the tournament period.

Six AS355 twin engine helicopters were supplied for the project and fitted with HD Cineflex V14 stabilised camera mounts. ACS crew included the aerial unit's award-winning operators, an aerial co-ordinator and project management team as well as experienced filming pilots. The provision cumulated in three helicopters being deployed for the final between Spain and Italy, offering live aerials of the match and surrounding area as well as the post-match celebrations.

The work follows on from our successful delivery of aerial coverage for the 2008 tournament in Austria and Switzerland.

For further information please contact Antonia


ACS Australia prepares for busy Summer season

Crews from our Australian office have been gearing up for their busiest season of the year which begun with ACS aerial cameraman, Peter Davis, filming aerials of the Red Bull X Fighters on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour.  Special approval was granted by CASA to fly at 200 feet in the harbour to achieve dramatic shots of the riders during their performances which finished with the overall champion being crowned for the Red Bull X Fighters World Tour.  Re-locating to the Gold Coast, ACS then filmed aerials for the Coolangatta Gold endurance race.

Our crews will also be supplying live aerials on this week’s AFL Final in Melbourne and railcam at the NRL Final in Sydney as well as tracking vehicles at Royal Randwick.  With teams operating in Sydney for the start of the horse racing season for ACS, coverage will continue with the Carnival season in Melbourne where two ACS tracking vehicles will be used to follow the racing around the course.

ACS Australia’s Managing Director, Mick Kagel, commented, 'We’ve had a great start to the season with some really positive feedback from clients.  A lot of the jobs we’re doing this year are repeat work which is really encouraging to see, including the provision for Moto GP at Phillip Island at the end of the month.  The crews are working really hard and the results have been fantastic.’

For further information please contact Antonia at


ACS’ 3D Railcam at Heineken Cup Final

ACS has successfully completed another 3D railcam shoot for Sky Sports. Covering the Heineken Cup Final at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on the 21stMay, the ACS railcam was fitted with a Stab-C COMPACT stabilised mount supporting an Element Technica Pulsar 3D mirror rig. Two Sony P1 cameras fitted with HJ22 lenses were installed in the Pulsar rig in the under through configuration. The mirror rig and camera combination was controlled and powered via one SMPTE cable, utilising a Telecast Copperhead 3G Fibre transmission unit with real time correction of the 3D output via a Sony MPE200 processor. A HD feed was also taken from one of the cameras providing simultaneous HD & 3D outputs for both SKY Sports HD1 and Sky Sports 3D channels. The complete 3D Railcam system was installed and operated by ACS’ in-house operators and technicians.

The game also coincided with the first outing of ACS’ new 3D operating vehicle which the team took delivery of this month. The vehicle, fitted with five operating/engineering positions, allows control of eight ACS SMARThead™ remote heads in standard configuration. A 3D position is also included which consists of a Sony LMD 2451TD 3D monitor and Sony MPE200. The unit is 3G/3D capable up to 1080 50P with twin 40x40 routers and 16 way 3D multi viewer with dual independent outputs.

The 3D track and operating vehicle represents just some of ACS’ continuing investment into 3D with research and development currently being conducted on various specialist rigs including mini cameras and remote heads.

For further information please contact Antonia at


ACS plays part in The Royal Wedding

It’s been another exciting, hard working and successful week for all those at ACS none more so than for our team of technicians and operators who worked on the Royal Wedding.


ACS provided over twenty SMARThead™ remote head systems and camera channels supplying coverage for the BBC, Sky News and ITN, not forgetting the world’s media. An HD Cineflex V14 Stabilised Mount was also supplied and operated by ACS providing aerial coverage of the crowds and balcony scenes at Buckingham Palace. But it was perhaps within Westminster Abbey itself that our crew met their biggest challenge fulfilling the majority of the camera positions that were to broadcast the ceremony world-wide.

ACS Technical Director, Sam Heaphy, and his team delivered and installed 16 of the 23 camera positions within the Abbey for the BBC.   Utilising 12 Sony P1 Camera channels and 4 Ikegami HDL 51 cameras, two of the remote heads included a 40x lens; a first for ACS’ new development with this particular lens and SMARThead™.

Several spectacular shots were achieved including a dramatic high shot over the Sacrarium for the first time in HD and with the shot developing to show the incredible scale of the internal architecture of Westminster Abbey. Two cameras were also discretely positioned in very sensitive areas to the side of the high altar in order to show the couple from the front during the very intimate and important parts of the wedding service. Shots of the Abbey’s bells peeling at the conclusion of the ceremony were also a first.

ACS SMARTheads™ could also be found positioned along the wedding procession route at Parliament Square, Whitehall, Horseguards and The Mall contributing to the full coverage of the couple’s journey to and from the service.

SMARThead™ had been chosen by BBC Events for the Abbey because of its small size whilst offering 2/3 in full HD quality and single cable operation, an important consideration when working in such a venue. The quality of control allowing full use of the lenses zoom range from Canon HJ40 to HJ14 with total subtlety of movement were vital to this type of production. This technology is coupled to many years of continually developing the client relationship and the results have clearly won universal appreciation.

ACS Managing Director, Phillip Beckett, commented, “The team here feel an enormous sense of pride at being involved in such an historical event. Everyone has worked really hard in the planning and delivery which began at the end of last year. We’re honoured to be able to say, ACS were there.”

For further information please contact Antonia at