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Broadcast RF on the ball using Vislink 4K UHD RF broadcast equipment for the opening ceremony of UEFA EURO 2016

10 June 2016

Tonight, at the opening ceremony and first match of the UEFA European Football Championships 2016 Broadcast RF provided UEFA host broadcast (HB) with live 4K UHD aerial pictures. Broadcast RF are a specialist RF hire company employed by UEFA to provide wireless camera and helicopter downlink facilities for UEFA EURO 2016.

UEFA EURO 2016 consists of 24 European teams, playing a total of 51 matches, across ten venues throughout France. Broadcast RF have equipped each stadium with HD wireless camera systems attached to the camera heads to cover team arrivals, the match and the fan zone.

The stadiums will also be installed with helicopter reception equipment to receive any of the five UEFA helicopters, each installed with an Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) Shotover F1 (HD/UHD) or HD Cineflex V14 (HD) and a Broadcast RF supplied Vislink transmission equipment.

A 4K UHD camera system (ACS Shotover F1 with Sony F55 camera) and 4K UHD RF downlink technology will be used in the helicopters for the live broadcast of the opening match, quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of UEFA EURO 2016. The new Vislink UltraLite HEVC encoder system within airborne downlink solution will provide UEFA broadcast partners with razor-sharp live 4K UHD aerial images.

About Broadcast RF:

Broadcast RF is a globally recognised rental company who specialise in the provision of high quality state of the art RF and wireless camera technology to be used in the making of television programmes covering sports, news and light entertainment events.

The rental equipment is tailored to the specific task and needs of the production, and the client is fully supported with access to 24/7 technical expertise and a range of backup equipment.

Broadcast RF is the exclusive RF supplier to the world’s largest sporting events and boasts the most innovative RF equipment available in the world.

About Vislink:

Vislink is a leading global technology business specialising in the wireless capture, delivery and management of high quality live video for the Broadcast & Media and the Public Safety & Surveillance markets.

Over 70% of all outside wireless broadcast video is transmitted using Vislink equipment, across more than 200,000 systems worldwide. From live news, sport and entertainment through to law enforcement and homeland security, Vislink’s expertise gives you the edge.

Drawing on over 50 years’ experience with a wealth of blue chip companies, Vislink offers superior packaged solutions that let you "be there" with the best view, close to the action, even in the most challenging conditions.

Vislink is the trading name of Vislink International Limited and Vislink Inc.
All trademarks, service marks and company names are the property of their respective owners.

About Aerial Camera Systems (ACS):

Founded over thirty years ago to provide the latest aerial cinematographic equipment to the film and television industries, Aerial Camera Systems (ACS) is now widely recognised as a world leader in the provision of specialist camera systems as well as aerial filming in the UK and around the world.

The company has a unique inventory of facilities available for rental which include high performance compact robotic heads to minicams, stabilised mounts, railcams, wirecams, tracking vehicles, underwater systems, aerial filming coordination services and the unique sponsor funded EyeFlyer blimp.

Our large inventory of equipment and continual investment in developing innovative ways to capture events coupled with our highly skilled, Emmy and BAFTA award winning international team of engineers and operators makes ACS the number one provider for your specialist filming requirements.